2016 Gratitudes

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2016 Gratitudes

Each end of December I love to spend a little time reflecting back over the year and selecting my top 10 things for which  I am the very most thankful.

Here are just a few of mine for the year:

My 96 year old mom’s good health and  place of care

Our oldest grandsons full baseball scholarship

John and I being in such good health we can do CROSSFIT and Ballroom Dancing together

Nine grandchildren living within 5 minutes of us

John’s walking with the Lord with me and always being quick to pray


I challenge you to stir up up some joy and gratrefulness in your heart by making your own top tens.

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    I’m so thankful for a good doctor that discovered a blocked artery. I had surgery with no complications!

    For my grand-daughter’s passion to serve the Lord and to seek after Him completely!

    For family near and grand’s that still give hugs!

    For a husband that has been wonderful to care for me through six surgeries since 2006.

    Looking forward to 2017 and opportunities to serve the Lord!

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      Glenda, you are indeed a blessed lady!!!

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