A Whirlwind

racehorseJune went by like a race horse.  I love being busy and productive. The speed this past month picked up and is continuing into July is more like a whirlwind. We had some wonderful events in June with our first grandson graduating from High School, a week of memories in Cancun with our three oldest grandsons and now watching our grandson, 17 year old, Chandler, playing in the USA Boys Junior Volleyball Nationals here in Dallas.

No Kitchen

After 16 years of the same cabinets, we decided to have our kitchen cabinets painted white. This was a great idea as far as causing me to sort each and every cabinet.  I must admit, however, that this sounded more doable than it actually was and is. These couple of weeks have everything in boxes and the painters  have the kitchen roped off and sealed up these next several days. This is definitely taking some creative thinking to still eat and eat healthy. We brought our blender upstairs along with our ice chest.

kitchen cabinets before

During my sorting time, I have encouraged myself by listening to a couple of my favorite Bible teachers: Keith Moore and also Jeff Coulter. I took really good notes on both, but alas have lost them in the shuffle.

Keith Moore’s series, Precious in His Sight, filled me with hope as I listened over and over. His main theme was “Nothing is Impossible with God”. In a summary (without my notes) my biggest takeaways were:

  • If anyone tells you something is impossible, just remember this: what they should have said is “It is impossible for me in my knowledge to know what to do.” And then remember that “With God all things are possible.” They don’t know what to do, but someone else does.
  • If any doctor tells you, “There is nothing we can do,” remind yourself that they should have said, “there is nothing I know to do.” With God all things are possible and he will direct your steps if you call out to Him.


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