A New Year – New Goals – A Gift

RainbowAs I consider what might best help you readers out there as we begin an exciting new year, I think of my own life and how I always have an extra dose of motivation here at the beginning of every year. I want to use that extra momentum to accomplish something special, and possibly you do too. BTW, scroll on down for a handy measurement chart. Your results will show up in inches, not pounds.

For me, I have several goals, but will focus on three:

1Hide God’s Word in my heart

2Be a vessel to help others in the area of Fitness and Health God has given to me, as I continue to whittle remaining stubborn inches from my waist via Fabufit Paleo and Crossfit

3Organize my home

Goodness, probably like you, I have many other goals concerning my family, my business, my personal journey of learning, and on and on. I know that if I focus on too many and go at this too fast, I will likely burn out. So I am taking this a baby step at a time. Hopefully, I can be of help to give you ideas and strategies to do the same.

Team Fabulous

babystepsw text

Team Fabulous will shortly begin our first course of the year January 26th via Webcast/and or Teleconference: 4 Weeks to a Lifetime. Find out more here.

CrossFit Ammo, the Box where John and I work out, will begin a 30 day Challenge of Paleo Eating and CF Exercise about this very same time. Nutrition is so very important in an Inch Loss Journey. It is the little foxes that spoil the vine and most people miss these little foxes. I haven’t found all of them, but have sure found a bunch over these 35+ years in the Health and Fitness Industry.

Foxes that Spoil the Vine

One common fox would be working out too much and burning out by mid-February. Another would be jumping into Paleo eating without knowledge of how to do this. So much time can be wasted figuring this way of eating out and discovering recipes that really are delicious. I wasted hours and hours making recipes we didn’t like. For the January Blogs I will focus on: Getting Prepared for the Paleo Lifestyle. I call it the Fabufit Paleo Lifestyle.

Paleo w textTip One – The Fabufit Paleo Lifestyle

Become familiar with just what Paleo is. To me it is basically eating whole, fresh foods without chemicals and preservatives, eating as close to nature as possible. I have done this for years, but I never knew the tricks for making it taste delicious. Oh my goodness, what a difference it is to eat over-the-top delicious meals without any guilt or worry at all. Once I got past the learning curve, fat cells seem to have lost their power over my waist and abs. Now the inches are decreasing little by little.

18 Ways To Measure ChartGift

Let me help you with the Learning Curve by becoming a part of Team Fabulous!



Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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