A Wonderful Idea

MomCard BuddyMom Buddys CardA Unique Idea

My brother, Buddy Capps, was inspired to give our mom an Anniversary Card and write it as it it were from her beloved husband, who graduated on to Heaven 16 years ago.


The envelop says: “Doris. This is the card I believe that Dad would have written if he were here.”



On the inside he wrote her the most beautiful letter telling her how he missed her, how beautiful it was in heaven, and how he couldn’t wait for her to be there too. He also told her how he thanked her for telling him about Jesus, for being such a good wife to him, and for being such a good mother to their children. He has given me permission to share what he wrote.

MomCard Buddy MomCardinside

Mother will be 96 in a day or two. I so admire her courage in living life without her husband all these 16 years. And I so appreciate my brother for being such a thoughtful and caring son, and such Buddya good friend to me and John.


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