Benefits of Dry Skin Brushing

Dry-Skin-Brush-Yerba-Prima-TampicoBeautiful Benefits of Dry Brushing

Dry Brushing

Years ago I was introduced to the Technique of Dry Brushing by Teresa Tapp of Somehow I lost the habit along the years until recently.

I noticed my Dry Brush in the bathroom pantry and began brushing my neck and back, which had become quite uncomfortable due to a rash I had recently overcome with God’s Word. The brushing did wonders to eliminate the remaining discomfort. This made me so curious to go back into the research I had once done on dry brushing and remember the other benefits. There are many.

Teresa Tapp has some good testimonies on her site.  Dr. Denice Moffat has not only an indepth explanation of the benefits, but also a step by step on How to Brush Correctly on her site.

What is Dry Brushing

Dr. Paavo Airola recommended Dry Brushing for his patients 30 years ago. This technique is still popular in European spas as well as in many cancer treatment centers today. Dry brushing stimulates all of the organs of detoxification as it provides a gentle internal massage.


A Few Benefits

  • A preventative for dry skin
  • Stimulation for skin renewal and soft skin
  • Removes cellulite
  • Tones muscles by stimulating the nerve endings
  • Helps mobilize fat
  • Stimulates circulation – can prevent varicose veins
  • Tightens skin and prevents premature aging
  • Removes dead skin layers
  • Cleanses the lymphatic system
  • Strengthen immune system
  • Stimulates hormone and oil-producing glands
  • Improves nervous system function
  • Aides in digestion
  • Easy, invigorating and very inexpensive
  • Detoxifies the body and clears out toxins
  • Helps all body systems perform at peak performance

Dr. Moffat says the skin receives one third of all the blood circulated in the body? It is the last to receive nutrients in the body; and yet it is the very first to show signs of imbalance.

How to Dry Brush Overview by Dr. Moffat

  • Begin with feet, brush vigorously in circular motion
  • Continue by brushing up the legs
  • Proceed to hands and arms
  • Brush entire back and abdomen area, shoulders and neck
  • Use circular counter-clockwise strokes on abdomen
  • Lightly brush breasts
  • Brush upwards on back and down from neck.

Detailed Explanation Benefits and Techniques



Dry-Skin-Brush-Yerba-Prima-TampicoThe Recommended Brush






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