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Many years ago John and I met a wonderful Bible teacher named Tom Leding. He introduced us to his Bible Reading plan, which we immediately began. To be honest, I’ve begun many plans before and given them up. This one seems to have stuck for life. Dr. Leding has gone on to be with the Lord. His website disappeared, and we thought we could no longer find this reading calendar for each month. Thankfully, someone has gotten permission to sell his material and offer his Bible Plan as well (no cost for this.)

The reason we like this plan so very much is that it has given us a way to get an overview of the entire Bible in a year. Things are now fitting together that used to be just pieces here and there as we read a hit or miss chapter daily. In Dr. Leding’s plan, you will read the Proverb of the day of the month each day, 5 Psalms, 2 Old Testament chapters and 2 New Testament chapters. To me, the Proverbs and Psalms can never be read enough. I love the fact that we read all of Proverbs and Psalms every single month. This word is starting to become alive in our heart. This is so exciting as the word says that if we abide in Him and His words abide in us, we can ask what we will and it shall be done for us.

If you abide in me


If you would like to also use this Bible Calendar Plan, just go to and download the reading for the month.

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