Testimony – Worry – Weight Gain – Can Worry Lead to Weight Gain?

Can worry lead to weight gain

Can Worry Lead to Weight Gain?

Can worry really lead to weight gain?  Yes, it certainly can.

When we, as I did for years, allow our eating to become worrisome, we can sabotage our own success in fitness and weight loss. You can be free of this worry, and what a joy it is to be free. You may not believe me, but it is possible.

I thought that worry over food could lead to weight gain. I confirmed it over the past year as I began Fabufit Paleo eating. We all know that we just feel better emotionally and mentally when we make the right choices in our eating. But what I have realized is that the worry of the wrong choice I made in a past meal used to linger with me and I am convinced that worry used to make its way to my mid section as fat.  Oh boy, am I glad I caught that thief.

Lina LaRock, who taught me so much (many years ago) as my fitness trainer, told me that she first had to lose the pounds in her head before any of the other pounds and inches could come off. She said these were pounds of the “weight of worry” and the “worry of weight”. Lina had such insight. She lost those pounds in her head and then she lost all the extra inches and pounds on her body. It was a process, but it happened.

A testimonyTestimony from Lina, who still looks fabulous 

From Lina LaRock   3-2005  Hope you and your family are all doing wonderful.  I’ve been wanting to write this letter for a couple of months.  I wanted to let you know that I reached my weight/body fat goal!  I continued to practice all the principles I had learned with you.  I continued to make changes.   By Dec 04 I reached my desired body fat goal of 19%…a total of 13#.  I did it the right way (no shortcuts) and I was happy, joyous, and FREE (no mental obsession) while I lost the weight.  I’ve maintained this weight of 129-130 for 4 months now.  I feel great.

Thank you so much.  I learned so much from you.  I quote you all the time.  Thank you also for your countless prayers for me.  God heard them.  God Bless you Dani and the work you are doing.  You are an awesome coach and woman of God.

Gratefully yours,  Lina LaRock

With Fabufit Paleo Eating, which I learned about and began this past year, I have enough delicious food options to make good choices most of the time.  For many months I followed the Fabufit Paleo eating strictly. I knew my body needed some strict training to address some stubborn inches. Once the inches began melting, I continued strict eating until I felt like my “Set Point” had changed. Then I added in just a little of debit food choices (health-destroying choices) here and there. These choices are now only about 5% to 10% of my choices. I surround these debit foods with so many credit foods (health and fitness promoting choices), that I don’t allow one ounce of worry to creep in. Goodness, this is freeing. I eat as much as I wish to eat of these credit foods. I can tell my metabolism has greatly increased as I am hungry often. What?: You think hunger is a bad thing. No, this is a great thing, as it means your metabolism is repairing and working.

You will be hungry when your metabolism begins to speed up and burn more calories and fat.

Train the Flesh

can worry lead to weight gain

You are a spirit. Your spirit being has a soul: mind, will, and emotions. The Spirit and Soul live in a body. This body will act like a spoiled brat if you let it, demanding what it wants when it wants it, and possibly having a tantrum if it doesn’t get it. No, this is not the way it is supposed to be. But this body (the Flesh) needs to be trained. Begin speaking to your body and telling it what it can and cannot have or do. It has to obey.

Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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