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vegetablesBasic Cooking for Inch Loss and Health

Taking Habits to Autopilot

 Introductory Class

Class One – Monthly Plan, Weekly Fun Habits

02 Our First Seven Daily Habits

Class Three Daily Habits II

04 Habits to Autopilot (Linking and Tying)

Emotional Eating

Introductory Class 25 minutes

Emotional Eating Class One

Emotional Eating Class Two
Our Greatest Weapon

Emotional Eating Class Three
Conquering Negative Emotions


4 Weeks to a Lifetime 2016

Introductory Class

Here is the 22 minute archive:

02 Personal Data Sheets



Class One – On Your Mark

 Class Two – Think and Grow Fit

Shoulder Mobility

Class Three – The Three Fat Loss Secrets


Class 4 – The Slight Edge – 29 Minutes



 Wisdom for the Holidays


The Power of Your Imagination Course

Food Diary 2015

01 The Power of Imagination Video

02 How to Develop a God Imagination

03 How to Develop Supernatural Vision

04 An Imaginary Trip to the Third Heaven


Cultivating Happiness
Bonus Class 9-14-15


Renewing Our Minds Course

Just click on Image or Words for Class Materials


January and February: Four Weeks to a Lifetime:

02 Personal Data Sheets



Workbook and Guide for the 4 Weeks


ff201weeks1-4 2015forPDF

You can work on these online and save your work



Class One Recording – Week One of Four Weeks to a Lifetime – On Your Mark

notePMIn January I lost access to my Webcast room, which has caused me to find an alternative to making my recordings and archiving them in this website. My Learning Curve has been a teensy bit slow. However, God is showing me what to do beginning with Class Three 2015. For Class One the Recording is the one of 2014. Praise the Lord it wasn’t erased. Class Two was erased, but I at least at figured out how to do a voice over in PowerPoint.  It is troublesome to work with because you will need to click each slides voice icon to hear the voice.

1 onmark22015forPDF

PDF for Class One 2015

Class Two PDF 20142 twothinkgrowfitfeb2014B

Class  – Navigating Fabufit   for Your Extra Help

Class Three – Week Two of Four Weeks to a Lifetime – Think and Grow Fit

Class Four: The Slight Edge


March: Fabufit Paleo 2015

00 Introduction to Paleo Eating

01 Class One Eating for Inch Loss

02 Class Two Eating for Inch Loss

Eating for Inch Loss: the Paleo Way

03 Class Three: Creating Our Meal System

 2015 Class Three Archive

04 Class Four: Tips, Strategies, Review of Course

2015 Class Four Archive
Beginning Recipes for TeamPDF
Coming in April and May

Renewing Your Mind


April and May: Engaging Your Energy

Engaging Your Energy Workbook

Class One:  Learning to Soar & to Dance

Class TwoA:Creating Our Daily Framework

Class TwoB: Tapping into the Big Six, Emotional Energy

Class Three: Positive Rituals, Mental Energy, I Will Warfare

Class FourA: Spiritual Energy

Class FourB: Review Jan-May


June and July: The Power of Our Thoughts and Words

Power of Words Journal – Your Gift in Digital Format

If you prefer the Workbook/Journal in Paperback and Spiral Binding, click here:

Power of Words Journal(9)

Class One:  Capturing Thoughts Archived Recording of the Class Below are Resources Recommended for the Course.*Please note that some of the links I recommend are affiliate links. It doesn’t cost you any extra, but I earn a small commission if you decide to purchase via the link. Regardless of whether or not I receive a commission, I only recommend products that I personally use and genuinely recommend, and I always have my readers’ best interest at heart. Affiliate links will be noted by an asterisk.**Hung by the Tongue   CREATE AMAZON ASSOC LINK

*The Tongue A Creative Force

Class One – Capturing Thoughts

Class Two – The Power of our Every Word

Class Three – Hung by the Tongue

Book Summary: Hung by the Tongue by Francis Martin


September and OctoberBabystep Training Paleo EatingPM


The Fabufit Paleo Eating for Inch Loss

JOURNAL FOR THE COURSE FabufitPaleoJournal92014  Digital Gift

If you prefer this newly created journal in printed format click here:

 Class One – The Fabufit Paleo Lifestyle

Class Two – Learning the Basics of Fabufit Paleo Eating

Class Three – Creating a System for Fabufit Paleo Eating

Class Four – Set Point, Review, Exercise

Video on Spinal Density


Emotional Eating Course

Emotional Eating Journal   Digital Gift for Members  EXCELLENT

If you prefer this newly created journal in printed format click on add to cart $19.97:

Emotional eatingJournalcoverPM

Class One – How to Identify and How to Overcome

Class Two – One Powerful Weapon to Use

Class Three – Emotional Eating and Worry and Unforgiveness

Class Four – Obeying the Spirit Man, Overcoming Addictions


Book Summaries

Book Summary: A Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl

Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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