Conscious and Nonconscious Thoughts

Conscious and Nonconscious Thoughts

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Dr. Leaf explains: The memory is in the mind, not in the brain.  When we talk of memory loss, the truth is that the memory is still all there. The mind has the conscious part (only operates when we are awake, very limited) and the nonconscious (95-99% of mind and it is operating 24 hours a day at quantum speeds).

It is through the conscious mind that we make our changes. We must deliberately, intentionally, tune in to the  information that the Holy Spirit reveals to us to work on. He tells us to call upon Him and He will answer us and show us great and mighty things. We bring this into the conscious mind and only there it can be changed. In the conscious mind, we can redesign our thoughts according to the Word of God. Then we put the thought  back correctly formed.Callonme

The conscious mind is where we  receive everything from the events and circumstances of life surrounding us. Caution here as it is so easy to absorb the negativity of the world around us. The way we  perceive this information is based on what is stored in our nonconscious mind, says Dr. Cariline Leaf. The nonconscious mind drives the conscious mind. When people constantly make toxic decisions and operate in the negative, fear zone; they create neurochemical chaos in their brain; because we are not wired for fear, but for love.

I love the following insight from Dr. Leaf:

Fortunately, the chaos we can make is limited to 5% of our geno.  The damage we can do is limited to 5%. 95% is untouched. In this 95% of the human geno, we have engineering genes to help us change our brains. We can actually change our DNA.

This is such good news as we purpose to renew our minds and rewire the nonconscious memories. We want to automize thoughts, memories, attitudes good, pure, lovely and of a good report. We want to rewire our mind to the way God designed us to think.

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To renew our mind is a conscious, deliberate, purposeful process. These changes are made through the conscious mind.

The conscious mind is very limited to present, past and future. Conscious is only a tiny part of us. The nonconscious mind knows no present, past or future.Think on these things


The devil likes to bring up the past and try his best to get us to develop toxic networks.. God loves to bring up the future and the Good things ahead that He has planned for us.


Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

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