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Cancun DaniJohn IMG_1454Two Weeks Away

Two weeks is a long time to be away from our normal routine of Paleo eating. We planned ahead knowing several grocery items would be very difficult to find. I made the dry ingredients for Paleo Biscuits, Pancakes, Snickerdoodles, Manna Bread and even Caramelized Almonds into packages that I could seal with our Food Saver. Then I wrote the recipe on the package. This made it so easy to prepare our favorite Paleo staples. It also gave me ideas of how I can do more to prepare at home.

Paleo Staples

A Highlight of our Trip

One of the highlights of our trip was an all day cooking class with famous chef, Claudia at her home in Cancun. Claudia travels all over the world teaching. John and I actually got to participate in cooking too. We came home with a packet of recipes of everything we made. I will, of course, not find ways to make them Paleo approved. I must say that I think our Paleo Easy Tortillas were much better than the ones she made. By the way, this was something else I prepared ahead on the day before we left. I packaged them in sets of four and then froze them as soon as we arrived. I made enough to last all the two weeks. There are so many ways to use these tortillas.

Some of the Things we Learned to Prepare

Claudia used a variety of peppers in her cooking. When we arrived at her home, she had cinnamon coffee awaiting. She had made a big pot of boiling water and placed coffee, cinnamon sticks  and a raw sugar called Piloncillo. It was very delicious. I loved learning about using a mango fork and how to peel a mango. You can see the result above once she was finished. She made it like a flower.

The people of Mexico use more fruit trays for their snacks instead of chips and dip. This platter of fruit above was served on a big round platter with pineapple, mango, watermelon, jicama, grapefruit sprinkled with the juice of a lime and then one of the seasonings she used. She said we can find the seasonings (herbs and vegetables) in the states.

Pearls Captured

Peeling a Mango by placing the Mango Fork in the end and making four incisions on the skin all the way up. Then peel off the skin and slice in layers like a flower leaving the mango on the seed.

Dry Peppers 

They never expire if kept in a dry area or in the freezer.


1. Leave the pit of the avocado in  until ready to use, so it doesn’t turn brown

2. Can also put 1/2 Lime juice on the avocado

Mortar and Pestle

She used this for making all but one of the salsas.  Use wooden or ceramic spoons so do not get bitter flavor.

Peppers and also Garlic

She roasted the peppers in a big cast iron skillet, turning often. She roasted the garlic clove. Slice the end off raw garlic clove and put face down in skillet to brown on high heat. Then put in pan in oven 350 for 10 minutes. Can squeeze the garlic out and put in a jar with some olive oil or salt. Can keep this and use as a paste to deliciously flavor cooking.



She used a bunch of cilantro. She put the bunches of it in boiling water to blanch it 30 seconds and then dipped in cold water.


Olive Oil cannot be used with high heat or becomes rancid.

We ended the day with a four course dinner that was so good.


 If You Are in Cancun

I highly recommend this class.

Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

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