Creating Fitness Habits for Life

Habits make us

Creating Habits for Life

Once habits are built by repeating them over and over, they tend to operate on a subconscious level. We all know how this works in a negative way when we make bad mindless decisions before we realize what’s happening.

Let’s turn the tables and use this principle of repetition to reshape our subconscious habits. Certainly it can be done. With God, all things are possible.

A habit is too weak to be felt, until it is too strong to be broken

In changing habits, new grooves created by repetition  need to become as deep as the old ones, so the old ones can be washed away.

Choosing to do right is very empowering. Feeling good is better than the taste of anything………any day.

Team Fabulous will begin our next course later in June, Taking New Good Habits to Autopilot. Preparation emails are beginning now for the team. During the course, which is free to all team members, we will focus on 5 Monthly Habits, 7 Weekly Habits and about 15 Baby Step Daily Habits. Tyler Bramlett in his book 27 Body Transformation Habits calls the daily habits The Lean Fifteen.

Join Team Fabulous now so you can begin receiving the strategTEAM Fabulousic emails to prepare yourself with a new mindset for change. By the way, taking good habits to autopilot is where the Fitness Miracle occurs. Fitness is easy when habits are on autopilot.

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“To get to where you want to go you have to leave where you are.” ~unknown


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