Crossfit – Dani’s Personal Exercise Journey

By Dani Rotramel

I’ve been committed to some sort of regular exercise for the past 35 years. For much of that time my exercise consisted of walking.  And on some days, it was just walking around the house. I firmly believed, and still do for the most part, that consistency more than intensity is what makes the difference.

The important thing is that whatever routine a person commits to should be doable and long-lasting.

How many times I’ve seen a friend commit to an intensive gym exercise regimen and quit after two weeks.  According to Gym Membership Statistics, 67% percent of people with gym memberships never use them, and the ones who do, use them for 90 days or less.

My exercise plan has changed from time to time over the years. Several years ago, I started alternating days between walking and strength training. I was so excited to see visible results in muscle tone and definition.  (I thank the Lord for my amazing fitness trainer, Lina LaRock, who taught me so many tips on Strength Training.)

And then, for fun, four years ago, John and I added ballroom dancing to our weekly routine.


A few months ago, I sensed I needed new momentum and did something a little radical. At the age of 70, I faced some real fears and joined CrossFit. I knew it would be hard and I knew I would probably be the oldest member there by a few decades. Nevertheless, I was ready for a new level of fitness.

(Maybe you’ve heard of CrossFit and wondered what it was all about.  If you are in the Allen, Texas vicinity, I highly recommend CrossFit Ammo.)


I chose CrossFit after seeing the amazing change in my hairdresser over a seven-week timeframe. Then I saw the results my niece, Shea, had as well. I decided to try out an introductory CrossFit Ammo Nutrition class with Shea and was encouraged that their nutritional teaching fit very closely with my years of learning and my goals for eating.


Next step: The last week in July, I joined the Foundations Class. This is a class to evaluate your current skills, and teach you the principles of Crossfit exercise and nutrition. I was rather disappointed in myself to see how lacking in strength I really was. (Boy, I sure thought I was stronger.) I could only do a handful of sit-ups and modified push-ups, and no pull-ups! Despite that, I continued going to each class – admittedly with a bit of fear and trembling –  praying I could make it through.

Note: It seems that the most important step to conquering fears and pushing yourself forward is to “Trust In the Lord with All Your Heart.”

(To hear the rest of my story which will be published in several installments, please follow my blog for updates.)



“I welcome you to the community of people who have decided that easy will no longer suffice.”


“The Holy Spirit will put steel in your convictions.”  I Thes 1:1-3

“Invigorate my soul so I can praise you well, use your decrees to put iron in my soul.”  Ps. 119:175


I REFUSE TO QUIT   Once you make a decision to go forward in your fitness, pray for God to put steel in your convictions (so you don’t change your mind and quit); and iron in your soul: your mind, your will and your emotions. Don’t let your mind tell you it is too hard. Look forward to your workouts by visualizing the wonderful transformation that is ahead of you.



Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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