Emotional Eating 05 Eat with Intention and Not Unthinkingly

careless eatingCareless Eating is Easy

Eliminating Emotional Eating will not be done overnight. Always think on progress and not perfection. If you slip up, remember: setbacks are solvable and failure is never final.

Baby steps will be your key.babystepsw text

You will need to ask yourself some tough questions and also be willing to make some tough decisions. Face the truth of what makes you turn to food and prepare in advance how you will meet the challenge each time it occurs.

Take a bag of baby carrots or celery to munch on when heading into a stressful situation.

Make a resolve to never eat anything that you don’t absolutely love if it is on the debit side of your health ledger (a health-destroying food).

Eat slowly, chewing every bite.

Eating with intention is a major key to your breakthrough.

Don’t live carelessly, unthinkingly. ~  Eph 5 (The Message)

knife_fork_spoon_family_cartoon_t-shirt_picturesStrategy: For the next 7 days, purpose to eat every bite slowly. After each bite, put your fork down, look up, and smile. Drink no beverage with your meal. If you are accustomed to this habit, it could mean you are washing your food down without activating your digestive enzymes. If you train yourself to have no beverage with a meal, you will remind yourself to chew and chew and will allow those digestive juices to work for you.


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