Emotional Eating – Establishing Boundaries

boundariesEstablishing an Important Boundary

Have an Eating Cutoff Time

My cutoff time is 7:30, and for most this is a good boundary time.  On occasions that the boundary you set is not possible, be sure the cut off time is at least 3 hours before you go to sleep. Sidenote/Exception: a small serving of a high quality protein powder in water at bedtime will preserve muscle as you sleep and help you awaken easier.


Digestion slows down to just about a stand still during sleep.  If you eat right before bedtime, hardly any will be digested.Teddybear bedtime


When you go to bed a “little” hungry, you will wake up hungry and this is good.  Another key here is:  Eat breakfast.  Many (most) overweight people skip breakfast.  Skipping breakfast allows the body to continue running in the slow gear of sleep with low metabolism. Let’s turn the tide.


Eating breakfast allows you to stretch the number of hours your metabolism runs on high.  This results in more calories burned in the entire day.small changes


Eating first thing in the morning has a positive effect on your metabolism, your energy and the results of how you will eat the rest of the day.


Most all night eating is emotional eating.  This 7:30 PM cutoff will be a strong tool in your arsenal to combat emotional eating.

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