Father’s Day for our Family

John and 3 kidsFather’s Day

Here is John with our daughter, Brooke (L), son, Pace and Brennon on the other side of John.

Our day began at North Place Church, where Pastor Bryan Jarret and his 17 year old son, Cayden, gave the Father’s Day message. It was one of the most challenging and yet heart-warming of all Father’s Day services I have known. Pastor Bryan talked about the power of a Father’s Blessing (file attached below), and challenged Fathers to verbally bless their children. Cayden gave the same challenge to Fathers from the viewpoint of his generation.

Brett and his children IMG_1578

Brennon and Brett

Brennon and Brett go to the same church we go to. Here is Brett with his three sons and then with his two baby daughters.

We spent the day at Brooke and Jim’s home. I made some Paleo Enchiladas and took my own Paleo Snickerdoodles🙂 The cousins enjoyed swimming in the pool. I thought I got some good pictures of the other 4 grandchildren outside,  but they came out blurred:).

I did get IMG_1581our oldest two: Chandler Buchanan and Austin Rotramel, 16 and 17. Chandler will be on Varsity Plano East Basketball Team as a Junior. Austin will play on the Varsity Plano East Baseball Team as a Senior this coming year.

Chandler is probably over 6 ft. tall and who knows how tall Austin is now. Austin’s younger brother, Braden is almost as tall as Austin and he is only 15. Here is Braden on R with his family. Braden and cousin Cameron are at McMillan, 10th and 9th grades. Braden Varsity Football Team and Cameron Varsity Basketball.

View More: http://photosbyallierae.pass.us/rotramelfamilyphotos2014

Two more precious Grands: Kylie, who has been our only granddaughter until babies Caris and Cali; and Nathan. Nathan and cousin, Carter are at a very precious age as they love hearing Bible Stories that I tell them. Nathan has such fun acting them out. Carter simply loves hearing about all healing testimonies.

proctor family


This is such a beautiful prayer. All of the Father’s received a scroll of this on Sunday.


Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

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