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Soon you will discover your very favorite Paleo recipes. Let me help you just a bit in your search and list mine. These are ones I make all of the time and never get tired of them:

1Manna BreadIndianBread3ingred

Presently this is my all time favorite recipe. It is simple to make with only three basic ingredients. It is totally delicious! It is good eaten by itself, hot off the griddle. It is wonderful to make Crispy Waffles in the waffle iron. It makes terrific Turnovers, and you can even use it as Pizza Crust with added seasonings.

2Easy Paleo Tortillastortillas minepm

These are by no means as easy as the Manna Bread to make. However, if you make them x 10 when you make them, you will have some wonderful fall to lunch and dinner additions. When I make them, I let them cool and then freeze them in sets of 4 with a piece of parchment paper between each. This way they are so easy for a quick lunch with avocado and tomato, or almond butter. Now that we have the Paleo Mayo recipe, they would be great to wrap around Chicken Salad made with Paleo Mayo.

3Chicken Alfredo with Zoodles

Chicken Alfredo

This is such a delicious and easy dish to make. Your family will like it. John and I use Zoodles stir fried in a little coconut oil with added salt, pepper, garlic with many dinners we make. To make the sauce, we save part of a rotisserie chicken and freeze it to have ready to pop into the creamy sauce. Mushrooms would be good too.

This is a recipe I actually made up and it turned out so good. It is in my latest January Recipe Cards, but I see I haven’t posted it on the website yet. I do have the digital version of all the recipes  for a very low price if you would like it now. 4 images of RecipesPM


4Snickerdoodles CookiessnickerdoodlesPM

Our little 2 year old granddaughter, Caris, loves to help me make snickerdoodles when she comes over on Wednesdays. She adorns her little waterproof apron who she can cook and wash a few dishes as well. She especially loves tasting the dough before we cook them. They have no eggs in them so I figure why not. This used to be my favorite part of cooking cookies anyway.


5Zucchini Muffinslemon poppy 2

These are perfect to have on hand. I make the bread into muffins and always save some in the refrigerator or freezer for a great addition to a dinner or breakfast.


I do have a bunch more favorites, but I will leave you with these top five.

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