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pearlsPearls are Everywhere

Dave Ramsey New Online Tool for Budgeting   everydollar

Saturday our daughter, Brennon, went to a seminar where Dave Ramsey spoke. John and I have been fans of Dave Ramsey for over a decade. He announced an online tool he has just developed called This free and “every so” easy download is the best budget creator and tracker I have ever seen. This is a huge pearl I found at the end of March.

Remember, health is a circle. Control of our finCircle-of-Healthances is a major part of our health and peace.


Priceless Garden Tips

Last night, we were invited to attend a beautiful Passover Meal at our good friend’s home, Mike and Malika Roberts. This was our first Passover Dinner to ever attend. Not only were the teaching, fellowship and food dishes delicious, but I found another pearl as well. Theresa White sat across the table from me. I had never met Theresa. I overheard her speak of her garden. My ears perked up as this is one of my exciting learning projects right now: creating an organic garden. She shared two amazing pearls she learned from a Master Gardener she works with:



  1. When planting a plant (she specifically was referring to tomato plants), dig the hole and place a raw whole egg in the hole. Cover with about an inch of soil.Then put the plant on tops of that. The egg provides calcium she said. The picture she showed me of her tomato vine was taller than her. The tomatoes were beautiful.egg
  2. Use a plastic 1/2 gallon milk or water container for this tip.  Cut off the top part and drill holes in the bottom and sides. Plant the container in the middle of about where you will plant three tomato plants. When you water your tomatoes, put the water in the milk jug and the water will seep out to the rootmilks of the plants, not over watering. Just use a clear empty container from water or milk. The  only image I could find seems to be chocolate milk = ) You might go on a treasure hunt and see just what pearls are awaiting you. It is such fun to live with expectancy each day of finding new pearls..




Paleo OrangesOrange Cake

Malika had researched and found recipes for three Passover week Desserts. The Orange Cake was such a surprise, as it tasted exactly like the Paleo Orange Cake I had found from and posted last week. When she described the unusual process of boiling the oranges, I knew it had to be really similar. I am searching now for that exact recipe.

Member Testimony

Team member, Marilyn, sent an email today about making the cake:


I had a bring snacks to a meeting on Wednesday so I mad the orange cake.

It was baking when Tony came home so he was waiting to taste it because the smell filled the house so I gave him a small piece.

I did not tell him what was in it. The ladies all thought it was delicious

I am making it for my Easter brunch.

Thanks for sharing it.





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Dani Rotramel

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