FitBit Motivation to Walk and Pray

img_3774Walking and Praying

Years and years ago I began writing scripture promises on 4×6 cards to have for me to pray out loud as I walked. Most of the time my walking was done in a circle around the inside of our house. I literally wore these cards out after a great many years (and the carpet). They became frayed and dim. I made more cards. Later I purchased a little 4×6 spiral notebook in cardstock and rewote my promises into this little notebook, and then another and another.


As my exercise outside our house increased, I stopped my walking around the house. John and I began to pray together each night.  We actually still do this. There is tremendous power of the Prayers of Agreement particularly between husband and wife. We pray for:


Our Nation
Our Church
Our Children and Grandchildren praying for one specific family each night
Our Personal Health
Our Finances
Certain Ones we know God has put on our heart to pray for

One of the members of Team Fabulous told me her excitement about receiving a Fitbit Tracker: a tracker I had goal-trackernot really been interested in before. As Ginger talked about how it had been such a help to her in keeping her on track with her exercise, I became a little more interested and began to look at the different options available and what they did.  My thought was that it might discourage me more than encourage me.

I became sold on the idea that this tracker watch could be a blessing and received a Fitbit Charge 2 for my birthday about a month ago. Honestly, it is a treasure. (Even though it does not pick up our ballroom dancing steps hardly at all. I guess it is because we more slide our feet versus step.)

It has encouraged me to get out my old prayer cards and pray extra as I walk around the house to get my steps in for the day when I am short of the 10,000 steps suggested (most all days). It is a wonderful feeling to know a goal of 10,000 steps is met.fitbitmineIt really hasn’t been hard. I’ve only missed meeting my goal about 3 times out of my 41 or more days of using the Fitbit. Those were usually Sunday, when my battery needed charging again.  Actually the guidelines suggest meeting the 10,000 steps goal 5 of the 7 days in a week. I simply love being able to redeem my time as I wait for a slow computer, wait for the Keurig Coffee Pot to heat up for my hot water tea, and many other times that were otherwise just waiting.

Yes, I highly recommend the Fitbit to improve your Fitness success. It does much more than I have learned to use at this point.



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