Food and Mood

ConfidentialPMFood and Mood

I would guess that by now as we are into the midst of traditional favorite foods, you may have correlated the close association between wrong (unhealthy foods) and a sunken mood, which can so easily lead to a feeling of despair and depression.

In the wee morning hours I awoke wondering why I felt sunken. There was nothing particularly different about my circumstances. Then the Lord began to reveal to me that if I succumb to the wrong foods, I will pay the price. For me the price is a sunken mood. My mood is usually optimistic and hopeful,  so I become easily aware of a change.

Remember Hoe Downs and 17 oz. Watereraser

Eating with Intention, Not Carelessl

Even though I hadn’t gotten off track too much, my body didn’t care for the side tour. I don’t mean I couldn’t enjoy my very favorites in a limited fashion. I mean I cannot begin to eat unintentionally: eating too fast, just a little debit food here and a little there (that I don’t even particularly love), forgetting to erase; and topping that off with trying to fit more on my schedule than I can complete in the next two decades.

I am praying for you and asking the Father to strengthen each of us to make the best choices possible and to trust Him for the victory.


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