Frenzy of Gratitude

Gratitude QuoteThe Power of Gratitude

God’s word is filled with scriptures on gratitude and thanksgiving. “A merry heart does good like a medicine.’  As powerful as the emotion of gratitude is; very very often being grateful is hard and is actually a sacrifice.

Gratitude Streaming, (speaking one grateful thought after another), is a wonderful way to pull yourself out of a slump of depression. The mastery of gratefulness is one of the keys to living a life that can manage the stress that comes into our path daily. In Fabufit, our Team Fabulous practices listing 10 grateful things each morning.  In our current course on Taking Habits to Autopilot, we are working on 5 Monthly Habits. One of those habits is creating and speaking a daily affirmation for the next 30 days.

In my study of Centenarians in 2008, I found that this emotion of gratefulness is one of the seven key attributes of those who have successfully reached 100+. They seem to be extremely good at expressing gratitude.centenarians bd

Frenzy of Gratitude

Tyler Bramlett, refers to this gratitude streaming as working yourself into a “frenzy of gratitude.” He says that our Daily Affirmations are designed to bring us a sense of gratitude.

“The quickest way to fix a mindset that is focused on what you lack is to work yourself into a “frenzy of gratitude” right before reading your daily affirmations.”

Bramlett says this combination of the frenzy of gratitude and the reading of your daily affirmation sets the pace for you day. This will be a silent guide to consistently making good habit choices even in the midst of challenging situations.


  1. Think about all of the things you are grateful for in your notes
  2. While you are feeling deep gratitude, read out loud your daily affirmation from your monthly habits.
  3. Thank the Lord that this is setting the tone for your day and moving your affirmation from the unseen into the seen.


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