Hello December

HelloDecemberHello December

Thank you Lord for a new beautiful month with new treasures to be discovered, more of God’s magnificent goodness to be revealed. I am naming mine Dare to Be Fit December. I speak to my body and say, “Body you will not rule me. You are my slave and will obey.” I remember the words of my friend, Felicia Greer, “Nothing taste as good as feeling good feels.”

November and December are two of my very favorite months of the year. So many things are going on at the same time it seems. There are way too many opportunities to eat carelessly. I don’t want to do that for sure. “Lord help us each to slow down and enjoy the days and cherish the memories.”

Psalm 68:28(AMP)

28 Your God has commanded your strength [your might in His service and impenetrable hardness to temptation]; O God, display Your might and strengthen what You have wrought for us!

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