Hunger and Thirst Mechanisms – Emotional Eating 04

waterpmHunger and Thirst Mechanisms

Emotional Eating 04


The hunger and thirst mechanisms are so closely related in the brain that it is very easy to think we are hungry when really we are just thirsty.


Drinking pure water throughout the day will not only keep you from any dehydration, which cause the dWaterPitcherPMigestive system to work at a much lower capacity; it will keep you feeling satisfied.  When you develop that focus on remembering to drink your water, that focus on wanting to emotionally eat begins to lessen.

1/2 your body weight in ounces of pure water daily is ideal.


Premeasure your water.


Drink throughout the day and not at meals as this dilutes your digestive juices.

Emotional Eating Course continues tonight with Class 3.


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