If You Could Change Your Life in Four Weeks

FocusIf you could change your life in four weeks, would you do it?

                                                YOU CAN! You are invited to Four Weeks to a Lifetime, with health and fitness coach, Dani Rotramel. 

Monday, January 30th 8:30-9:30 PM (CST). This four week webcast will positively inspire you on the path to the rest of your life! It will be offered for a one time $35 this year or as a Team Fabulous Member Bonus. I will be adding in amazing research on weight loss and the brain from Dr. Caroline Leaf’s latest book Think and Eat Yourself Smart. Dr. Leaf is a cognitive brain research scientist and a strong Christian who knows the Word of God..

You may be surprised and motivated as you learn how closely the MAD (Modern American Diet) of processed food and brain decline are related. Toxic eating and toxic thinking contributes greatly to impaired attention and memory, and leads to depression and anxiety.

The good news is that God’s mercies are new every morning. New habits can be created and taken to autopilot.

As Health Becomes Your Focus, Fabulous Fitness Becomes Your Reward

You have two ways to Enroll:

One time Course Payment $35

EARLYBIRD Sale until January 22nd on One Time Course Payment = $6 off: use this code

Team Fabulous $10 a month and includes all courses offered throughout the year.  This is the most fun and most economical way to join.TEAM Fabuloushttps://gum.co/teamfabulous2017

All current Team Fabulous Members are already enrolled.

“I had tried lots of things for self improvement before with no fluctuation in weight or clothes size. Going through Dani’s course, I lost 9 pounds and 2 clothes sizes. Of most importance to me, I learned the mindset that no matter what I face, I can do it. I learned to control my thoughts, never give up and always be grateful. ” ~ Jennie Moyer 

Learn more about Dani (age 70 in the photo above), about Fabufit and the Fabufit System at FabulouslyFit.com.

With Fabufit, you will learn not just a diet, but a forever family lifestyle plan. You may come from the comfort of your own home via a weekly training call.  You will begin on an inside out path. By changing your thinking, you will change your life.
“I want to thank the Lord (and Dani) for enlightening and immuminating my path with such an amazing small group this semester. I’ve lost 10 lbs. physically and gained so much spiritual nourishment.” Janelle Moore, Nov 2016

Let the Team help you create lasting change with a New Mindset, New Thoughts and New Words, and New Routines.  Fabufit training can take you from sheer willpower to autopilot . . . the miracle that makes fitness fun.
“You stand poised on the brink of greatness.” ~ anonymous

Wishing you a life long and strong,
Dani Rotramel

The Christian Longevity Expert

Certified Nutrition Consultant

I really look forward to getting to know you and being able to share with you the dream God has put into my heart of helping you go to the next level of your fitness and health while incorporating the principles of God’s Word to make each of you a Faith Champion.
Fabufit is a simple fitness system based on Godly principles encompassing the whole circle of health: Spirit, soul (mind, will and emotions) and body. I invite you to visit my blog at FabulouslyFit.com.

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