Journaling Bible

Journaling Bible

Journaling Bible

This spring I read a book by Mark Batterson called the Circle Maker. There were many pearls that I captured from this book.  One was the idea he presented of purchasing a Bible that had columns to write in and reading through this Bible the year of his son’s senior year. As he read, he prayed scripture promises around this son. He presented it to him at his graduation.

Our children are grown with children of their own. Our oldest grandson entered his senior year of High School this year. I found my Journaling Bible online and ordered it to be ready to begin the first day of school last week. I also purchased a small set of pens that will easily write in the blank columns without bleeding through the page. I have used a beautiful reading plan by Tom Leding for many years, so I just transitioned over to reading from the new bible for Austin.JD with Grans

How to Do This

Actually I am not perfectly sure. Each morning I am reading with Austin in my mind and praying over him those scriptures  that I wish to come to pass in his life. You will see from my photo at the top that I am also writing little notes to him as I go. Who knows, maybe he will pass this Bible on to his own son or daughter someday who will see his Dad’s thoughts and also his Grandmother’s.


He has always been a mighty cute kid. I absolutely love the respect he and his brother, Braden, both show for their parents and for John and I.


My Desire

My desire is to read through a Bible for each grandchild during their Senior Year. I do have my work cut out for me as we have another graduating next year, another the following and two more the following after that. Then a little break.

Tom Leding Bible Plan

The Circle Maker


Journaling Bible




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