July Birthdays for our Family

Cam BD14A Little About Our Family

Some of you might be interested in my family. I’d love to be posting things about them every single day. But don’t worry I will spare you that and just give you a glimpse here and there of who they are and how very special they are to us. As a Family, we do  seem to have many birthdays in the same months.  If I were just a tad more on top of things, I would post these  in Facebook on the day of the birthdays. Alas, I didn’t.  At least the month of July is not over. John and I took our grandson, Cameron Buchanan, out for lunch a few days ago for his 14th birthday. The Cheesecake Factory created the cutest birthday Sundae on a plate saying “Happy Birthday Cameron.”

Our very precious daughter, Brooke Proctor, celebrated her birthday on July 7th. Here she is with her two children, Kylie and Nathan. Brooke Kylie Nathan BDHappy BD*

And now you see Brennon and Caris awaiting a third July birthday. Little baby sister, Cali, is to be born on July 31st. Brennon has a history or rather good sized babies, so a C Section is scheduled. Cali is estimated to be about 10 pounds. Goodness.BrennonandCaris awaiting

Praise the Lord for all of our grandchildren. Children are a reward from the Lord. Cali Buchanan will be our 9th grandbaby on earth. Two more await us all in heaven.
*photo credit: A30_Tsitika via photopin cc

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