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researchWhat is Research Showing?

Current research is showing some things contrary to long held public opinion. After reading the new book by Dr. Caroline Leaf called, Think and Eat Yourself Smart, I have spent a number of hours trying to sort and organize the pearls. This leading cognitive research scientist is so ahead of the game. It has been a daunting task to try and condense anything from this book. My suggestion is that you do read the book. However, if your time is limited, possibly I can help.

This past Monday night, Team Fabulous kicked off our 2017 course with a class on “Selecting our Most Important Goal” for the next 8 weeks. This coming Monday night, we will begin Class One of 4 Weeks to a Lifetime. How very exciting and eye opening this is going to be.  I have  now outlined the book and the pearls I think are treasures. Next I have created 4×6 notes as if doing a research paper. I will add these treasures into the upcoming course with  topics such as:

  • What is the real truth about Cholesterol?
  • What is the latest on Saturated Fat?research person
  • What is the one group of foods we should never ever eat?
  • What is more addictive than Cocoaine?
  • What is a powerful Mantra we can use before going into a restaurant, a party or grocery shopping?

The information is so rich, I may even do an entire class around some topics. There is still time to join the Team:

TEAM Fabulous

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