Life Lessons for the Team


Life Lessons I Learned

Oh my goodness has this been a challenging week. Our daughter and son in law planned a very needed 20th Anniversary trip to Mexico and asked us to come to their home and keep the three youngest children – 2,3 and 10.

The children are precious, but our challenges were many: a few sleepless nights, a maize of trying to find things,  and figuring out a variety of what to cook that they would eat.

Thankfully, so thankfully, neither girl cried for mommy and daddy. This was a miracle provision from the Lord.  A couple of nap times the little one (who turned two July 31st)  bravely fought through a sadnes dip.  There were one or two squabbles (hmmm) between the girls on toys, but big brother (Carter) was there to  comfort.

Buchanan children during trip
Buchanan children Field Trips

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My Lessons

There are times that Daily Framework is close to impossible. When the little ones were up so very early, there were days I could not get my Bible reading done.  There were evenings John and I were so exhausted we didn’t get all our praying in.  The only vegetables we had were spinach and carrots and broccoli when we could remember to go home and get the frozen one: a far cry from 10 servings daily. I have just had to begin again now that I am home. Do you ever have weeks like this?

My PlansCali turns two

I thought I had planned the week out well. We had field trips lined up, swimming, a park day and  a trip to see their great grandmother. I failed to take into account the meal planning and the frustrations of not being able to find most needed cooking things. …. And had forgotten what particular eaters the children are.  Oh well…sometimes the best made plans fall through.  I never even had a chance to open my day planner, so my days felt very unraveled???? I missed day 28, 29 and 30 of my daily Affirmations. Remembering the Law of 30 Days principle, this is a bit sad.

And yes I  missed  exercise on three days except running up and down the stairs.  Lesson learned….there are times you just have to smile and move on thanking the Lord for His blessings and knowing you can get right back on track.

The Cookies

My plans had been to make Paleo cookies to take. I ran out of time. My next plan was to have the girls help me make them there… almond flour. My third plan was to have Carter and cousin 8 year old Nathan (who spent the night one night) go back to our house and make them there,…it got too late.

Carter, Nathan, John and I played Skipbo. The boys love this game and are very good at it. In fact we can seldom beat Carter.  During the game Carter said he was cooking us a surprise.  He would run into the kitchen when it wasn’t his play and would not let us look. Apparently he found a package of microwave chocolate chip cookies and busily whipped them up.  Next thing I knew he brought each of us in a plate of two hot cookies and sat one right in front of me. Oh goodness. I decided, I asked if I would hurt his feelings if I didn’t eat them. He didn’t mind as more for hm. Next I took just one bite. The temptation was too much. I caved on this, as well as the cheeses sandwich cali wouldn’t eat at the Butterfly Museum. Goodbye free meal boundary. I had planned my free meal for a  friend’s surprise birthday dinner dance coming up tonight. Life lesson: Don’t worry about it, just tighten the reigns tonight and enjoy the meal, but skip the bread.

(And Lord, please forgive me for murmuring as I know you hate murmuring.)

Happy Thoughtshesmilesathefuture

Today as I am home again and s rambling to catch up after awake away, I remember a principle from a past FABUFIT Class: always have a Happy Thought to bounce back to. I am thinking on my happy thought of our oldest grandsons Austin. He has been invited to play in a baseball tournament this weekend in Corpus  Christy and he has received a FULL baseball scholarship for college. how I rejoice and thank the Lord.

Fabulous ones, I would love to hear how you are doing on your journey of taking good habits to autopilot.  class three this Monday night.


Your friend and coach,


Romanss 12:12 Rejoicing in hope

Patient in tribulation

Continuing instant in prayer






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