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Maybe we realize how little things can make such a difference as we think on the importance with a little scheduled time with our children, a little time set aside for our husband or wife, a little thank you to a friend or even a little phone call to someone we love.

Our Seven Weekly Habits

Team Fabulous is in the middle of a teleconference course on Taking Habits to Autopilot. In thisweekly calendar course we have learned about developing seven weekly habits. These are basically fun and easy and designed for one per each day of the week. One Weekly Habit I realized is so very important is to schedule a day for one, two or three “Littles”.  What do you bring to remembrance right now as to something that is often thought about, but seldom acted on? They aren’t of such a high priority that they are critical to do; and yet, each time you think of this item, you tell yourself, “I really would like to accomplish this.”

For me, personally, I have decided to select one of two items on one day of each week that are actually little, but take a load off of my shoulders once completed. Then I select a day of the upcoming week telephonethat I will devote as high priority a small amount of time to this accomplishment.  My two things this week were to make a call on my domains to see when they expire, and second to find out how much longer my DVD publisher allows me to keep my current DVD without cancelling it for inactivity. These only took me a few minutes to complete. I am so happy to have them completed. Next week I will find an address for a relative and send her an old photo I found of her parents as I was cleaning out my kitchen cabinets. I know it won’t take that long to do. I just never seem to schedule the time to do it. But this coming week, I will.

I would love to hear from you with your thoughts on this. What little things might you schedule into one day next week?

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