Melting Toxic Thoughts

meltingMelting Toxic Thoughts

I have learned so much from teachings and books by Dr. Caroline Leaf, Cognitive Neuroscientist and Spirit-Filled Christian. Here are a few tidbits from her online course on Detoxifying the Brain

We generally have about 4-7 thoughts in our conscious mind at any time. Our non conscious mind, however, is filled with millions of thoughts. Some of these thought are life giving. Some are toxic and death producing.

Once a toxic thought is brought from the non conscious into the conscious, it will become stronger or weaker in our memory depending on our response. captureIf we capture the toxic thought and begin to melt it with strong healthy thought replacements, it weakens and eventually is replaced. If we ignore it or dwell on it, it will become stronger.

Dr. Leaf’s online course teaches how to begin melting the toxic networks in our brain by melting one toxic thought pattern at a time.

Finding specific scripture promises to declare as replacements to the toxic thought is a beautiful way to melt. The toxic thought network begins to melt day by day as the healthy thought becomes stronger and stronger.


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