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Here is a listing of members who have chosen to share their biographical information.  This list is in alphabetical order by first name:

Cheryl Lenamon (Caring Cheryl) February 2014

Why I chose to enter the challenge:  I had already determined 2014 was going to be my year of change, and was looking for the best way to lose weight and get fit.  Why 2014?  In September, I am attending my 50 year high school reunion, and in December my first granddaughter is getting married. I am going to both in a Size 8 dress.

My family:  I am married to Ronnie who is a retired residential builder, furniture craftsman, pianist and all-round spectacular person.  We have four children, eight grandkids and many rescued dogs and cats. We live in Waco, Texas.

My career:  I owned an Ad Agency for 20 years.  Retired in 1998, wrote and published a book in 1999. I helped my husband in his building business for several years and when the housing market crashed, worked with my daughter in Frisco TX in her marketing business. On January 1, 2014, I opened Bright Idea Content in Waco, and now work from home doing social media, content writing, blogs and online marketing.

My passions:  I am a Precept trained Bible study leader at Highland Baptist Church in Waco, and teach adult bible studies.  I love God, my family, friends, pets, reading, crafts and anything creative.

My dreams for this breakthrough: To permanently change my way of eating.  Here’s my confession: My name is Cheryl Lenamon and I was a carboholic. Up until now, I would pass up a good healthy vegetable-laden meal for Fritos and cheese dip any day.  I loved any dish with pasta and hot breads. I awoke most days saying that today would be different.  Today I would eat better.  Breakthrough:  I am!  And I want that mindset to be permanent.

Hardest part of this challenge:  Not eating after 7:30PM and getting in my six meals.

Janelle Henderson, February 2014

I am doing your program because my mother and sister both highly recommended it to me. And we thought it would be fun to do together. Of the 3 of us, I am the one who can use the weight management and healthy living tips the most!

I am married to Paul and have 3 wonderful children. Lena is 20, Claire is 12 and Jesse is almost 11. I am an Interior Designer by degree and worked in commercial design for many years before going on sabbatical to focus more on my family. I have been working at a Christian Publishing company for 5 years on a part time basis and managing a papercrafts hobby/business. I would like to get back into Commercial Interior Design and resume my career; but am not in a place where a full-time position fits our family.

My dream breakthrough would be to end my chronic back pain. Much of it is related to core fitness, I know. I just can’t seem to get over that hump of whole-heartedly starting a workout and having to slow down or stop due to injury! It has become a vicious cycle.

Marilyn Garapolo, February 2014

My husband, Tony and I are living in a house that was part of my father’s farm, small farm in central Illinois. Eight years ago we left the suburb of Chicago to move to my home land.  My Dad had died and Mom was alone everything fell in place for us to have a new adventure in our lives.   We are married 34 years, I have one step-son, daughter-in-law and 2 grandsons. Our home is on 5 acres…lots of trees and space for gardens.

The house is way too big , it could be a bed and breakfast. Our friends from Chicago 80 mile drive, love to come for a weekend to the country.  We love to entertain and I love to cook and garden and be outside. In ground swimming pool also

When I was a kid I dreamed about living in the city away from the country life, I wanted noise, lights and action. Now we hear nature, see the stars, the storms, the sky, just as God created.

I studied fashion merchandising became and store manager and a fashion accessory buyer for a fine women’s store in Chicago. Travel all over the world buying and creating fabrics. From there went into manufacturing ladies scarves and men’s ties, creating designs selling to all the top stores in US and international.

In 1993 the company went though some changes, so I lost my job. At that time I started my Shaklee business plus getting active in my community and church. I love cooking, baking and gardening. I love to teach others how to grow and fix good food. If you have a little spot of soil how we can feed our family and ourselves? The thought of teaching people to grow some of their food is in the back of my mind.

Our plan for the future…is uncertain Tony would like to go back to the noise, lights and action.  We are both in our 60’s…cold weather?? Lot’s of work on the home land.  We are prayerful for wisdom of the direction God plans for us.

Why did I do this challenge?

I am in need of a new mindset and behavior. I know what to do but do I want to do it.  To get into a daily framework.

I am in a Bible Study ….Clothed in Power…..Faith is looking forward to a future, but also it is living fully supplied in the present. We are to walk in faith by keeping in step with the Spirit.

I love to be around like minded people……support.

To learn and listen.

My Dream…..to be a centurion…..Mom lived until 92 so baby steps will get me there. 2051….. or maybe to be at the celebration of Shaklee’s 100th anniversary 2056.

Marna Schuelke (Dance), February 2014

The good thing is that I don’t feel that right now I have any weight to lose.    After losing so much weight through your program years ago, and then T-Tapping, things have been pretty good.  Of course, I go up and down a small amount here and there.  However, I just went to a T-Tapp retreat in October, and lost inches there.

So, right now, the size is good.  I feel that what I need the most, personally, is to accomplish twice as much in half the time!  I feel that I am always so far behind with paperwork, etc.  Also, I was in a bad car accident n November.  I am currently in ‘rehab’, seeing a chiropractor and massage therapist.     I have some very stiff muscles, neck, and back.  The accident and all of these doctor appointments have added much confusion to my already crazy life!  I don’t like making excuses, but I guess I am making some anyhow!

Mostly, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your message and the way you deliver it!  I am so grateful to be a part of your group yet again.   Kudos to you 🙂

Merlena Cushing (Grammy) February 2014

This year it seemed to be a good idea to refocus and “downsizing” the body and I thought being in your sessions would serve to give encouragement and impetus to the intention. Here is a bit about me/us.

Shortly after graduating from Nebraska Wesleyan U. (1960), I married Gary Cushing. Both of us grew up in rural western Nebraska. Manistee MI has been our home for 51 of our 53 years of marriage. God has blessed us with three wonderful children, Marna, Janelle and Gerald and seven beautiful (of course) grandchildren.

Although I was an “early el” classroom teacher and an art teacher for many years in our city schools, I have always considered wife/mother my most important vocation. And although we have a thriving Shaklee business (35 years) which our customers appreciate greatly and we find rewarding, I’d rather spend quality time with our children/grandchildren than anything else.

The Lord has led me into ministries of healing and I have immersed myself in that endeavor (since 1976.) My desire is to be faithful to that calling. Over the past thirty seven years. I’ve participated in at least 25 seminars on Christian healing, including several held at 4 different seminaries and 1 convent. Gary and I also helped begin a small Anglican Mission in 2008 in which we participate as much as possible. I have served as Intercessory Prayer Coordinator during that time.

My main desire in regard to Fabulously Fit over 50 is to lose a few more pounds and concentrate on firming up by being more intentional with exercise – I have a T-TAPP MORE CD that I plan to utilize. I will have a real sense of accomplishment when I achieve this goal.

  • G – God
  • R – Richly
  • A – Answers
  • M – My
  • M – Many
  • Y – Yearnings


Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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