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No Matter How Old You Are!


My FABUFIT Program Has Changed many Lives.
Will You Be Next? Find Out How You can Take the Next Step in Changing the Rest of Your Life…

Take the Next Baby Step in Learning and Taking  Seven  Basic  Routines to Autopilot:
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From Dani Rotramel
Murphy, Texas
Yes, it does take 30 days of complete consistency to take a habit to an ‘official routine.’  Maybe you need some hand holding and more direction to make this happen. Don’t feel bad – most of us do!
I am passionate about sharing with you what I have discovered  as to how you can turn back the clock using my simple Fabufit system. It’s easy when you take baby steps. It is life changing when these steps are consistent. This is what Fabufit 201 (4 Weeks to a Lifetime) is all about – helping you to take the baby steps to create lasting change.

  •  Archive of 4 Videos
  • PDF Indepth Digital  Workbook
  • Member Access to all Exercise Training Videos by Erin Hathaway of Crossfit Ammo
  • Bonus Files
  • Bonus Intensity Walk File


  • � Learn How to Overcome those Obstacles that have stood in Your Path
  • � Learn How to Build Confidence in Yourself with an Intentional Win List
  • � Learn About those Foods that Add to Your Health and Fitness
  •      Learn about the Fabufit Paleo Lifestyle for Fabulous Eating while Loosing Inches
  • � Learn How to Train Your body to Obey
  • � Learn the Three Fat Loss Secrets that Most Never Learn, No Not Ever



  • A PowerPoint of the Seven Routines  with my voice over explaining each
  • Two Audio Files of music and encouragement and specific guidance for the first two levels of the Be Fit Now Intensity Walk
  • Access to Members Only Team Fabulous Exercise Video Training by Erin Hathaway of CrossFit Ammo

All of this for only $9.95 a month as a Team Fabulous Member. (Three month trial Membership Subscription)

Your Life will Be Change Too!

“Our FabuFit coach and teacher!”An email send out by Betty and Buddy to their friends after receiving the Noveember Fabufit Newsletter:”The first thing I hope you will notice on Dani’s website is the banner which puts things in order…. Spirit, Soul, and Body; Changing Minds, Changing Bodies, and Changing Lives. All of these changes happened for Buddy and me when we studied with Dani five years ago and then took a second class with her the next year.””One more thing: Take a look at this fabulously fit grandmother and then admire her precious grandchildren as seen in the photos.”
– Betty and Buddy King
“Thank you for sharing your gift with me!”Dani, I want to thank you for sharing your gift with me.  I believe I will naturally share this gift with others because I believe in it so much.  You can’t hide something you live out.– Leslie Tabor, Illinois
“Fabufit has worked for me when nothing else did!” Dani, I took your Fabufit 201 class at ROG this past May.  It worked for me when nothing else did over the years. So far I have lost 37 pounds.  I got to a plateau for a while, but I am finally beginning to lose again.  Thank you, thank you,  thank you.  Between you and God the weight is coming off. Blessings, Alma – Alma Brooks, TX

Don’t let anyone tell you that you have to accept becoming less fit and less healthy the older you become. It is just not true. Yep, I may be called stubborn, but I refuse to slow down……or act my age (whatever that means!) I don’t want to settle for anything less than the Long and Strong life God has outlined for me in His promises. So come on and join me.

You will learn all the best health, wellness and mindset tricks that I have learned and lived for over the past three decades.


Take the Next Baby Step in Taking these Seven Routines to Autopilot:
Sign up Now for Fabufit 4 Weeks to a Lifetime
4 Week Training Course

Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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