My Favorite Things of 2016

favoritesThis has been a very good year for John and for me. Praise the Lord, we have enjoyed excellent health and so has our family. How important this is and how thankful we are. As I think back over 2016, I think of several things that have become “Favorites” in my life. These are definitely not in order of priority, just as I think of them:

SimpleMind App for my iPad –ipad

I’ve actually used this for a few years and would give it 5 Stars. I used it to create our 50th Anniversary Trip details, my Fabufit Courses, our yearly Memory Book and other projects. Recently I added the program download to my Mac computer, but haven’t figured out how to sync the two yet.

Santa’s Bag Christmas Gift Tracker –christmas-gifts

This was an app I found in early December that helped me ever so much with Gift Giving for Christmas. I was simple and thorough. I plan to use it for Birthday Giving too.

 Notes on my iPhone

Late in the year, I discovered how I could use Notes on my iPhone and save myself a bunch of time writing in my Dayplanner. I’ve always used a paper Dayplanner so we’ll see how long I will stick with this. It is a very big change for me; but so far, I really really like this method. I began by listing my Daily Framework, My Top Six, and other things on the day I was creating the plans for. The next day I copied that day’s activities to the current day and erased the things I had accomplished. I still had a record of my accomplishments on the day before. NOTES has a beautiful feature of adding a circle to each item you wish to add one to, and then giving you option to check it off and fill in the circle. Am I the only one who just loves checking things off? Such a feeling of accomplishment. What I especially like is how I can walk early in the morning (around the house) and create and review my list. This also accomplishes my goal of getting 3,000 steps on my FitBit early on. And speaking of the FitBit, this is my next treasure discovered.

FitBitfitbitmineOur kids gave me a FitBit Charger 2 for my birthday. I was uneasy it would put pressure on me; but to my delight, it has encouraged and motivated me. 

“You tend to improve that which you measure.”

Travel with Grandsons

We took our three oldest grandsons to Cancun for a week in June to celebrate Austin’s graduation. This was a treasured time for us. Our hopes are to go again this year to celebrate Chandler’s graduation.

Dani and the tall grandsons
Dani and the tall grandsons

Watching our Grandsons in Ballgames

Keeping Our Littlest
Granddaughters Each Weekcaris-calipm

Our Kids at Church

Another favorite thing has been seeing our Buchanan kids and grandchildren at our Church each week. This is such a joy. My prayer is for all of our family to be there.northplace-church


Dancing Lessons and friendship with Ben de la Vega has been a great memory, as well as dancing with our favorite Dance Friends. Ben is very good at stretching John and I to do things we think are beyond our abilities.


Crossfit with Erin Hathaway has been a stretch, but something John and I are so grateful for.

Book of Memories

Each year I create a Book of Memories for the previous year. Although I always seem to be behind in these projects, I absolutely love the finished product and memories captured.

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