Paleo – New to Paleo? It’s Possible You will Love It

What is Paleo?


First of all, I don’t consider Paleo a diet to lose weight, although you certainly will. Rather than a weight-loss diet, it is a way of eating that eliminates bad things from your diet and increases the good things.  It is a lifestyle way of eating that will allow you to feel better, lose weight, and live long and strong!


The Good

The Paleo Eating Plan involves eating foods as close to nature as possible: The way God created them. This includes meat, vegetables, nuts and seeds, a little starch, some fruit and good fats in moderation, such as olive oil, coconut oil and avocado. The strict Paleo“guidelines” say NO to sugar, processed food, grains, dairy, soy, corn, beans and white potatoes. As one begins on this lifestyle change, it is important to follow the guidelines strictly for at least 30 days. As you keep your food diary, you will discover many things.

For most of us, staying on a Paleo Way of Eating is a total lifestyle change and I must say, a good one. Man-made foods (even if they are labeled fat free) tend to steal our health and to create weight gain. You have probably noticed, as well, how addictive man-made foods are.  You just can’t eat a few potato chips (or Fritos – my favorite). And then there is sugar . . . wow! Some researchers say sugar is more addictive than cocaine. Sugar can set us on an emotional roller coaster, and usually we don’t even know why.

New Mindset

The decision to follow the Paleo Plan (as with any good eating plan) takes a totally new mindset.  It takes a strong motivation and determination, keeping the benefits of this way of eating always in mind.

Personally, I have eaten healthy food close to these guidelines for many, many years. Up until the Spring of 2013, I had not followed nor had even known much about Paleo. It was when I joined Crossfit that I tightened the reigns and accepted this exacting and healthy eating plan. The benefits were worth it, and I discovered the plan is really easy to follow once the initial learning curve is passed. (Here is where I can help you by shortening the learning curve.)

I adapted a new mindset and set my goal to become one of the healthiest, fit 71-year-olds around.  Yes, I had to find some great recipes and excellent substitutions, and learn a few tricks, such as preparing food in advance of my grandson’s cake and ice cream birthday party. Actually, it really wasn’t that difficult. (The Paleo Brownies are something that can be made ahead and frozen in small individual servings for such occasions, and they are delish!)

Let’s look at just a few of the “Not So Good” things about Paleo, and then I will tell you just why I intend to stick with my slightly modified Paleo Eating – the Fabufit way. I think of it as Paleo Fabufit.


The Not So Good

Pork: In most Paleo cookbooks, pork is often used. In my opinion, based on years of studying nutrition, pork should be limited. German professor Hans-Heinrich Reckeweg, M.D. published an article entitled “The Adverse Influence of Pork Consumption on Health.”  He plainly concluded, “Pork should be regarded as an important homotoxin (human poison).” Professor Reckeweg has been known as the Father of Homotoxicolgy. John and I like to eat it once and awhile, but always pray over it first. (We pray over all of our food actually:)

Leaving Out Food Groups

My observation of others eating Paleo, is that some come to the conclusion that they can eat only meat. This is not a healthy way of eating as our body must have good carbs and good fats.

Coconut Oil
Coconut Oil can be heated high

Fats: The good fats absolutely cannot be left out of our healthy recipes. However, caution must be given that it is really easy to use way too much good olive oil or coconut oil in cooking, and eat way too many good nuts and seeds in our healthy snacks. (I have actually learned recently that Coconut Oil is the better oil for cooking at any higher heat.) The Paleo writers do talk about limiting these good fats, but based on my observation, it might need to be stressed more. High heating of oils is another thing to be aware of, as this can cause the good oil to become rancid.

Eliminating Corn, Soy and Legumes.  – Although I realize there are many health issues caused by over consumption of grains, I have not yet seen the reason (except in the first 30 days of reset) for no corn or legumes in a healthy diet. I must add that I still have not added these back into my eating plan, but I will not feel bad if I put some corn in a soup or have a dinner of legumes once and awhile. Concerning Soy, I’ve studied much material by Dr. Richard Brouse in Portland, Oregon. This man knows as much about Nutrition and the Human Body as any man I have ever known. He convinced me years ago of the value of a properly processed soy protein powder.

My Conclusion –

I very much like the Paleo eating plan. I have made only a few modifications to it in my own personal eating and it is not only delicious but has given me great results. With the combination of the Crossfit Ammo workout routines and the Paleo Way of Eating, I have never felt deprived or guilty over what I was eating My inch loss results, strength, balance and flexibility have been totally thrilling to me as I address my life fitness. 


Be Inspired:


My goal to win is bigger than my desire to quit.

Passion is willing to pay the price.

– Myles Monroe

Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 45 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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