Our Family Thanksgiving Weekend

dsc_0468Our Family for Family Christmas Picture

This year we needed to get our family picture while Austin was home for a few days from college. It may get harder each year to get everyone together. Shea was unable to join in. It was a freezing cold morning for those of us without jackets, but everyone braved through with smiles. Our family friend, Taylor, came along to take photos. We discovered while at Gulf Shores her hidden photography skills. I loved having Taylor there as she was able to arrange the groups and guide the morning photoshoot. And everyone seemed to listen to her. She took over 100 pictures and most of them are really really good.

Our daughter, Brooke (in lighter blue) is on the Left with her family. Wait, Nathan ended up in the middle behind the girls. John and I are on the Right side with Dana, Pace, and their two tall boys behind them. Chandler is in the very middle top row beside his dad, Brett, with Brennon in front of him and their other four on front row.Warming up

We brought two blankets to sit on for a picture but ended up needing them to warm up.

grands-2016 We only had one melt down. Caris either got just too cold or too tired; but she missed the smile for our “all the girls” photo.


One of Our Favorite Traditions

This day each year is always a bit stressful, but always filled with wonderful memories. I am now so inspired to tackle our 2016 Family Scrapbook. This is something I have created each year for about 40 years. John built me extra shelves in my closet to store all our years of books. My mom is really enjoying going back through them as I take her one to review each week. I used to have to use negatives, get prints made and paste into books. The process is still not “a piece of cake”, but so much easier than all those years before digital versions were available. For years I used Creative Memories, introduced to me by my good friend, Jeanine Adair. When that company went out of business for  season I switched to My Publisher.

We found such a scenic place this year right in our very own backyard almost, (Murphy City Park.)

Wishing you two blessings for every trouble and praying you enjoy each day of this beautiful time of the year.


John and Dani 2016

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