Our God is Big

abundanceOur God is Big, Lavish, More than Enough

Yesterday, I listened to a new CD by Jeff Coulter of The Living Savior Ministry. My vision of how big God really is and how much he wishes to shower on His children was greatly expanded as I heard this teaching.

In one part of the teaching Jeff gave some facts about creation. Did you ever think about these facts?

  • There are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe. (Lavish abundance)
  • Estimated 100 billion planets in our galaxy. None of them are necessary for our survival except one. (Just God being lavish)
  • Estimated 100 billion stars in our galaxy
  • Over 10 million colors in our world that we know of
  • Over 9 million taste buds on our tongue
  • Over 7 million species of animals (Just God being amazing)
  • Over 300 million species of plants
  • Over 950 species of insects
  • 100 million species of fish with more than half estimated yet to be discovered

God is amazing, abundant, lavish and bigger than we ever realized. He spoke and all of this was done with “Let there be….”

Genesis Let there be



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