Paleo Lunch Ideas

Lunch Ideas

Planning Ahead

Lunch ideas can be tricky when in a hurry. For this reason I love to make extra and have something that can quickly be assembled and tossed on the plate. To find these recipes just go to

You can easily type into the search bar:SearchPM

Tomato Soup

Manna Bread




New Recipe Cards Coming Soon

I’ve been collecting new favorite Paleo recipes all year, and will soon be offering the brand new edition of Fabufit Paleo Eating Recipe Cards.recipe cardsw textRecipeCardsCover 2015PM

Watch for the link to preorder. These have been a really big hit in the past two years. The creation of them always requires more skill than I have; but God is faithful to show me the way.


Paleo Eating

Daily I am reminded of how very much I love eating the Fabufit Paleo way. John and I eat this way 90% of the time, and truly look forward to our delicious Paleo meals without the worry (on my part) of adding inches and subtracting health.

Time for Hot Cocoa

I realized I can’t link a Photo Gallery (at least I don’t know how); but I can link a single image. Click below to find the recipe for a creamy delicious Hot Cocoa. I’ve been looking forward to cooler weather to make this again. Yesterday was the day. It was rainy and cool as we arrived home after church. This was perfect to go with our Paleo Brunch we made.

Hot Chocolate

Rescue Yourself When Temptedcarrotcake

My birthday was in October. Our dear friends, Wally and Celia, surprised me with a birthday cake. Carrot Cake is my very very favorite in the world, and I very seldom eat it. John knew about the surprise Wally was making, so when I suggested him helping me make a Paleo Carrot Cake that Saturday morning, he said “absolutely not, because we have too many other things to do today.”

This cake was even better than this photo looks. (I was too stunned to take a real photo of the cake.) Our kiddos had arrived and loved the cake. Anyway after allowing myself to eat a piece two days in a row(possibly three) and sharing a portion of the cake with our neighbor, Deborah; I realized my body was pretty used to Paleo and had had enough. This was so hard as there it was.

What saved the day was the Fabufit Paleo Ice Cream Recipes. This is so very easy to make and took my mind off of the cake, because I had something else to look forward to.


Vanilla Blender Ice Cream
Vanilla Blender Ice Cream
Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

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