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Summertime is such a good time to enjoy fresh peaches. In our area, Sam’s Club always has delicious boxes of peaches for a few weeks in the summer. We realized our box was getting ripe rather quickly, so I decided to use one in our Easy Blender Ice Cream.

By the way, I must admit that John and I have been whipping up a blender of easy paleo ice cream quite often in this hot summer heat. Vanilla is so good.  Click here for four easy basic recipes. Please note that since making these over and over I have discovered that adding the Coconut Oil (although delicious) can be troublesome in clumping when the cold ice is added. I have just been leaving it out. I have also found that adding the ice a little at a time works perfect. Adding too much at once can stop your blender.

To make the delicious Peaches and Cream version, just add a ripe peach to the blender using the Vanilla Recipe and leaving out the coconut oil. I also added just a little more coconut milk and adjusted the sweetening by using 3 droppers of liquid Stevia and one of two tablespoons of natural Agave syrup. Click Here for: Vanilla and Strawberry Blender Recipes 2016recipecardsPM

The Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate, Pineapple and Spinach Blender recipes are also all in the Fabufit Paleo Spiral bound cookbook.The last ones are on sale at:

The newest version of my very favorite 2021 Fabufit Paleo Recipes:



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