Paula’s 30 Day Reset

Paula 2016Paula

Here is Paula: a beautiful gal, who has become a good friend.  Paula participated in our Fabufit 30 Day Reset as she simultaneously participated in our Crossfit 30 Day Challenge in the month of February 2016. Here is Paula’s testimony:

I had named my month Faithful February, so it was easy to keep my commitment to myself to stick faithfully to the Paleo program for the 30 day challenge. I have to admit it was a bit hard the first two weeks because I had fallen back into some old habits of not eating Paleo from last year when we did the 30 day challenge. I reminded myself that I could do it for one 24 hour period and I prayed each morning for God to keep me faithful to my commitment to myself. 

After the first two weeks it was like I had always been eating Paleo, and I did not struggle with my cravings.  Of course, I stayed faithful to my morning prayer of asking God to help me stay faithful and I’m sure that was a big part of staying on course.  I could not have done this without the leadership and Monday night Fabufit meetings throughout the month.  I am grateful to the other ladies in our group, who kept encouraging me; and to God and his word for keeping me faithful to myself.
I am not through yet, I’m staying on strict paleo for another 30 days. ~Paula

Paula lost a total of 5 1/8 inches and 4.6 pounds
during the 30 day Reset.
She stayed 100% Paleo on her eating; but wasn’t
able to get in as many workouts as she would have
liked, she reported.

So Blessed!

I am so blessed to have Paula as part of our Team Fabulous, and as a Crossfit buddy on our Legends Team. (We used to be called the Masters because most all of us are over 70.) Mary Jane is the baby of the group.

Below is Paula’s husband, Jon, Paula, me, my John, Erin’s husband, Santee and our Crossfit coach, Erin.

CF Ammo at Meet 2015

Here we are rowing with Paula in the purple.CF Ammo Rowing

And here is our 2016 Legends team.CF Ammo with Erin and Paula

Here is Paula with Kris on the L and me on the R.

CF Me Kris Paula

Paula, congratulations for making a promise to yourself in the month of February and staying faithful to yourself. Many blessings for strength and motivation for the next 30 days.

Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 45 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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