Peach Turnovers using Manna Bread


Greta’s First Try at Peach Turnovers

Dear Dani,

Thought I would report that I made peach turnovers with the Manna bread.  They were a hit.

At first I cooked both sides of the bread and then noticed I was to only cook one side.  Made a second batch for the peach turnovers.  I had a bag of frozen peaches, boiled them with some honey and lemon juice, thickened with 1 tablespoon arrowroot powder.  I might sweeten with agave syrup next time.  But, I’ve made the frozen cherries (a mix of sweet and sour) sweetened with honey, and it was delicious.  I used this as a topping for cheesecake (not paleo), but the leftover topping was good as a filling for crepes (Manna).  And the cherries would make a good filling for the turnovers too.

I think I filled the turnovers too much as they leaked out or maybe I didn’t cook the filling down enough to make it thicker. I started to use parchment paper, but just put them in the baking pan, and they didn’t stick too bad even with the filling that leaked out.

Fun, fun, fun!
Thank you,

Apple TurnoversappleturnoversPM

Our niece, Shea, made these this weekend. The photo she sent to me looks like they were ever so good.

I began the  turnover cooking process also this weekend, but we had to run out the door to go somewhere before I could finish. I had doubled the recipe and we had Crispy Waffles with the first half. This has become my absolute favorite breakfast item. My  other Manna ingredients are sealed in a bowl in the refrigerator and all ready to cook tonight.  I also got all the apple filling ingredients together. We are really looking forward to them tonight with our Chicken Bacon Wraps that I plan to make.

You can find wonderful recipes at This is where the Indian Bread 3 ingredient recipe comes from that I call Manna.



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