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pearlsWuest New Testament – a Pearl

John and I were given a gift on our 50th anniversary by our very special long time friends, Kreig and Stephen Teague. In this set of amazing study books,  I started with the book that is the Wuest Translation of the New Testament. I have and am loving the reading of this.  This translator has held very closely to the earliest and most accurate Greek texts. He uses as many English words as are necessary to bring out the richness, force, and clarity of the Greek text.

This is so eye opening to read.

A Few Examples of What I MeanBibleold

Let me highlight in green text the part of the verses that are not in our usual translations.

Mt 4:4 Jesus said, “It has been written and is now on record.”

Mt 4:10 Then Jesus says to him, “Be gone, and keep on going, Satan, for it has been written and at present is on record, the Lord your God, you shall worship, and to Him only you shall render sacred service.”

Mt 8:3 The leper has just told Jesus he would like to be healed if Jesus wills and can heal him.  Jesus replies…..“I am desiring it from all my heart.

Mt 9:24 ….“cheerful courage, daughter, be having it consistently.”

Jn 22:27 Jesus says…..”call a halt to your progressive state of unbelief, but become one Who is believing.”

Phil 1:2 Sanctifying grace be to you and tranquilizing peace from God our Father and the Lord Jesus Christ.

Heb 13:5,6 For He himself has said, and the statement is on record, I will not, I will not cease to sustain and uphold you. I will not, I will not, I will not let you down,  Wuest Literal Translation

James 1:2-4 consider it a matter for unadulterated joy (without any admixture of sorrow) whenever you fall into the midst of variegated trials which surround you, knowing experience ally that the approving of your faith, that faith having been out to the test for the purpose of being approved, and having met the test, has been approved, [that this approving process] produces a patience under trials. But be allowing the aforementioned patience to be having its complete work in order that you may be spiritually mature and complete in every detail, lacking in nothing.

It is Really Fun to Read a Different Translation

Each year, I love reading a different translation of the Bible. God’s Word is amazing.








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