Prepare: Confidential Team Monthly Habit #2

NumberSet Goals

Oh boy, we’ve all hear about this. Is it as important as people say. I believe it really is! God says in His word, “without a vision, my people perish.” Let’s get a vision.


“You can achieve anything you want as long as you know where you are going and what steps you need to take to get there.” Tyler Bramlett

The Bible tells us that God gives us the desires and secret petitions of our heart. He wants us fit and healthy.

I love to think on the example of going on a trip. I have a demapstination and I have a map. As long as I stay on the road and don’t turn back, I will eventually get to my destination. It is the same with reaching the destination of our goals.

  1. What do you really want to accomplish with your own health and fitness? Write it down on paper and read it often. Read it until you internalize it (you feel it has to happen.)

Here is an example that I wrote two months ago after being asked to dance an exhibition dance at Ben’s studio, which took me 100 miles out of my comfort zone and tried to paralyze me with fear:

“It is June 5th, I have become a beautiful skillful dancer, able to trust and follow John’s lead perfectly. God lights my candle of confidence and trust and courage. All fear is gone. My muscle memory is excellent executing each Bolero pattern with grace and confidence. This huge breakthrough has occurred because of John’s and my diligence in practicing at home, going to lessons with Ben and above all trusting in the Lord with all my heart and counting on His mercy and grace to carry me through.”

2. Get your plan in place. What will you do?

3. Follow your plan.

4. Make your goal SMARTSMART-goals




Relevant – have a strong why you desire it.

Time Bound – have a deadline of achievement.

NOTE: When you receive this, it will be almost the day for our dance. I so appreciate your prayers.

Your coach and friend,



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