Prepare Monthly Habit #4

NumberCreate Your Own Daily Affirmation

This really ties in very beautifully with Monthly Habit #2, Setting Goalslife and death.

We learned in our Fabufit Class on Renewing our Mind how immensely important our mindset is. Self talk can take us down or move us forward. Our words create life or death.

Bramlett says, “Your brain is the heavy-hitter in this game – especially when it comes to optimizing your results.” We all want the best results possible if we are going to the trouble of trying.

Create a Daily Affirmation 

  1. Write in future tense. It is July 15th,……. The choices sacrifice thanksgivingI have made have lead to this huge success.
  2. Include details
  3. End with a statement of gratitude.


This will motivate you and put you in the right mindset.

Read this every day.

You might even consider making a short recording on your smart phone and play it daily as well.

Our last monthly Habit is a fun one.

Your coach and friend,



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