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he-who-fails-to-plan-is-1Take Time to Prepare

Hello Fabulous Ones,
This email is confidential to those Members of Team Fabulous. I have included a couple of you who have been in past classes and also a few who have indicated wanting to join the team. Note: I sent this via email yesterday, but wanted to give you a page you could print for your notebook.ConfidentialPM
I carved out some time this afternoon to work more on our upcoming course:
Taking Habits to Autopilot. And I must tell you I am more excited than ever about this course. Having read the book 27 Body Transformation Habits three times now, I like it more each time I read it. If we can each become prepared before this course begins, we will have some unforgettable success.
Sometimes when the same idea is presented from a different viewpoint, it begins to click. Many of the habits we will be working on will not be new ideas to us (some will and some will inspire even bigger ideas), but the way of establishing them into Autopilot habits will be new and fun. The steps will be crystal clear.
Your part will be to read the short little paperback book, download the checklists, and follow the emails to come in order to take baby steps to be ready for our first class in a few weeks.
Go ahead and download the Short Checklist and the Long Checklist. You can print them out and place them in a folder to use for the class.
Do you realize that just by taking this step on the path to learning something new, you are creating new synapses in your brain. The benefits don’t stop there. This course can be a life changer for each of us.
We will take another step tomorrow and look at our Five Monthly Habits.
“You can achieve anything you want as long as you know where you are going and what steps you need to take to get there.” _ Tyler Bramlett
“A Habit is too weak to be felt, until it is too strong to be broken.” 
Let’s create some over the top strong good habits.
Many blessings,

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