Prepare: Weekly Habit #1 Free Meal

FreeA Free Meal Each Week?

If you love free things like I do, you will love this very first weekly habit we will develop in our upcoming course.

Back in 2000 when I first began Fabufit Classes, I incorporated wonderful principles from Bill Phillips’ book, Body for Life. Class members created amazing testimonies during these 12 Week Challenges. One principle Phillips advocated was a free day each week. Many of our class members narrowed this to a free meal  (with guidelines) and had wonderful results.

Over the years with my nutritional boundaries becoming very ingrained, I actually dropped the free day/meal principle. After reading Tyler Bramlett’s book, 27 Body Transformation Habits, I began to rethink those early results team members had……….Hmmm…..I think it is time to go back to this principle with a few wise guidelines as Bramlett suggests.

As we go through our next course on Taking Habits to Autopilot, we will put our very important guidelines in place for this meal, and have such fun implementing this habit. The biggest reason for incorporating this principle is to keep each of us from giving up on our strategic plan of eating on the rest of the week. We will have something to really look forward to. NOTE: To me, Paleo eating is so delicious that I often feel like this is free meals!

Watch for the next of the 7 Weekly Habits.  Let’s try to get the Five Monthly Habits (which are the foundation of our success) and the Seven Weekly Habits in place with baby steps as quickly as possible.

Your coach and friend,





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