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LearningLearn Something New

NumberWeekly Tip #2

Learning anything new is hard at first. It may even seem impossible. (The dance patterns for our Bolero dance seemed so impossible to me for weeks.)

Bramlett ~ “When you learn new things your brain rewires itself to be more receptive to developing new habits.”

“Nerves that fire together wire together. ” ~ Dr. Hebb, PHD in Neuroscience.  The more you do something, the better you get at it.

Tyler Bramlett  in his 27 Habits book likens this to the way a  water hose works. “If you put a hose at the top of a hill and turn it on, within 5 minutes, there will be water hosedozens – perhaps even hundreds! – of different water trails flowing down the hill. This represents the way the synapses in the brain work when you learn something new.”

If we keep learning over time: a week, a month, or even years, these tracks eventually turn into deep grooves representing deeply-ingrained neural pathways.

Sadly, this also applies to old bad habits we have created. There may be deep grooves we are undoing. This is why it may be hard at first. We will need to practice learning.

When we learn new things, our brain opens itself to new possibilities, It unlocks areas of our brain that have never been accessed before.

What Can You Start Learning?

  • A new sport
  • Dancing
  • A new healthy recipe each week
  • An online class

Once a week devote 30 minutes to learning something new. This can be anything you want to learn. You can work on one thing for months or change every week if you desire. For myself, I am going back to continuing the learning path of You Tube videos on WordPress for my website. “Inch by inch anything is a cinch.”

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