Prepare: Weekly Habit 5 of 7: Join the Children

Caris Cali JuneWeekly Habit #5 Join the Children

Our course on Taking Habits to Autopilot begins soon: July 11th, Monday night, via teleconference call.  Our team will be introduced to some new habits  and be solidifying some old. These past confidential team emails are to get you prepared. You can find each of them is you wish to review at

Here is our 5th of 7 Weekly Habits to begin putting in place.  Set aside 30 minutes each week to play. Joining the children makes it fun.  Being outside in the fresh air and sunshine is rejuvenating. Incorporate exercise by walking, swimming or playing ball.

Our littlest ones are the ones we seem to be spending the most tchildren dollsime with right now. Caris, 3, loves to pretend. Following the pattern of her mother, Brennon, who is the mother of 5; Caris pretends she has many children.
I love pretending right along with her. She talks with such amazing expression that it causes much laughter on my part. She has first and middle names for all of her dolls, (children) and who knows where she comes up with these names. She also loves calling her little sister, Cali, by a made up name and Cali does not like it at all.

On any given day, Caris may relate that some of the children kept her up all night. Last night one was preparing for her dance recital.

Our next youngest grandchild, Nathan, three pigsloves acting out stories. For a few years we have had plays with him, me, Papa, and his sister, Kylie as the characters. We do favorite old children’s stories like the 3 Pigs, Little Riding Hood and Billy Goat Gruff. We also incorporate stuffed animals for extra characters. He also loves to read Bible stories and then act them out.

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