Where Do Thoughts Come From? Renewing Mind III



Become Aware of Where Thoughts Come From


1. Our 5 Physical Senses

2. Electromagnetic and Quantum Signals

Words are energy.  Here is an interesting article by Charles Capps that appeared in the Concepts of Faith Journal, third quarter 1999 edition, excerpted below:

“Words are energy and energy affects matter. The energy of your microwave vibrates the water molecules and heats the water. The energy of electricity flows to your washing machine and powers the motor that spins the tub and cleans your clothes. So, we can rightfully say that energy affects matter. Your words are energy that affects the matter in your life. When you speak the words, “This is the worst car I have ever had! You stupid piece of junk!” Those words are vibrations of energy that affect the atoms that make up that car. You have spoken to it and it will obey you!” Read more


  1. These are thoughts deep in the nonconscious metacognitive part of your mind (your memories).
  2. These  thoughts have been coming into our nonconscious since conception. Only about 4 to 7 come into our conscious mind at a time says Dr. Leaf

Can you take a minute or two to journal just what external sources are bringing thoughts into your mind? Examples: Friends, family, television, movies

Ask God to help you become aware and begin checking these thoughts.

 Good News

You and I are brilliant because we are created in God’s very image.

We aren’t in this process alone. When we call for His strength and power, He is right here with us.

We are wired for love (for thoughts good, pure and lovely and of a good report), and science and the Bible tells us we can wire out and melt every toxic thought pattern. As we do this, Dr. Leaf says we are increasing our intelligence, our wisdom and our health. Wow! This is so worthwhile.


“We have been wired for faith, hope and love. We have an optimism bias built into our minds. We focus on the negative at times only because we don’t know how to understand it–it is not our NORMAL! It’s time to get excited people! Jesus has asked us to be his high priests, bringing heaven to earth! There are far better things ahead!!!” ~ Dr. Leaf’s Facebook

“God gives us science as a way of understanding ourselves and all creation!” ~ Dr. Leaf



21daybraindetox.com – Dr. Leaf’s Online Program

Who Switched Off My Brain? ~ Dr. Leaf

Switch On Your Brain? ~ Dr. Leaf


Fabufit upcoming Teleconference Course on Renewing Your Mind.


II Tim 1:7 (Wuest Translation)….I am reminding you to keep constantly blazing the gift of God which is in you…..for God did not give to us a spirit of fearfulness, but of power and of a driving and self-sacrificial love and of a sound mind.

NOTE: Not only am I including many wonderful biblical scriptures in this theme topic of Renewing Our Minds; I am also including many references to Dr. Caroline Leaf and her amazing research on the brain. My desire is to encourage you to delve deeper into scripture and into the resources from the scientific and biblical expert, Dr. Leaf.
Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 45 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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