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abc_roasted_vegetables_jef_121010_wmainMy good friend, Sheryl Nichols, shared this recipe.

Chop in fairly big chunks an assortment of vegetables:

Turnips, cabbage, cauliflower, onion, sweet potatoes, squash green or/and yellow, mushrooms, peppers red and green are the ones we used. Use any you wish.

1. Place a small amount of  coconut oil in bottom of a big broiler pan and melt it. We used the one from our oven. This makes a bunch of veggies, so a big one with edges is needed.

2. Toss veggies in the melted oil.

3. Roast 20 minutes at 400 degrees.  A little more melted coconut oil may be needed. Turn for another 10. Check on them as may need to remove sooner.

4. Sprinkle with sea salt and pepper. I like to also use a little stevia especially if using turnips as they are so very good sweetened a little. Even those who don’t like vegetables may well like these.

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Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 45 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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