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How to Begin Each Day

Hello Team,

No Class Tonight with it being Memorial Day. Class Two Monday night, June 1.

I wish to send a few confidential and informal posts as I am gleaning new insights on this marvelous process of renewing our minds. These posts will go to you  team members only, but I want to enter as posts so I have a record easily accessible for you to refer back to and for me to keep track of.

As I begin my fifth 21 Day cycle of Dr. Leafs program, I notice she has added more on how to begin each day. Before today I had not realized the depth of importance this beginning 3 minutes of our daily renewing process is.  This is ever so helpful. It actually has so many pearls to it that I may devote our next PowerPoint class to this only. Let me know your feedback soon on this thought.

Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship

Everyday we will want to put God first. This brings everything else into perspective.  We will devote 10 minutes per day to our renewal plan with there minutes of Thanksgivng, Praise, and Worship (one minute each) and about 7 minutes to Dr. Leafs 5 step program of:  Gathering, Focused Reflection, Journaling, Revisiting, Active Reach – more on this later. For right now let’s just put into place the most important part (three minutes daily of the following three things – one minute each):

THANKSGIVING – thankful cupped hands“Cup your hands and  ask God what one toxic thought He wants you to work on for the next 21 days. Visualize placing this toxic thought before him.” ~ Dr Leaf. Be very very specific as you tell Him about this thought. Science tells us that the more specific we are in our thoughts, the more the root cause comes into the conscious mind to be worked on. Thank Him, not for the issue; but for the way out, He is the way, the truth and the Life.  When you thank him He listens. He does not listen to murmuring and complaining, in fact, he hates that.

PRAISE –praise “Kneel before the throne of grace and begin to thank him for all He has done for you.”  ~ Dr. Leaf. He died on the cross. He forgave your sins. He gave you a covenant of health, peace, joy, salvation.” As you praise him, you feel his presence.  The word says He inhabits the praises of his people.  When you praise Him, He is there.

WORSHIP –  “When you worship Him don’t think at all about the issue. Raise your hands and close your eyes and think only of Him and how gracious and merciful he is.”  When you worship Him, He acts on your behalf.worship

When we offer daily Thanksgiving, Praise and Worship, incredible things happen in the brain.  The brain is designed to change. We are creating the path for it to change for the good.


ScienceRocksScience shows that when we offer thanksgiving (gratefulness), structures in the middle of our brain start literally preparing in excitement to change.  When we praise, more activity gets involved . The mid part of the brain activates the Default Mode Network. When we worship, the whole brain lights up. The brain starts connecting  to the spiritual part of you, your true nature. The real you begins to hear God speaking to you. When we do this enough, we will automize the process and find we can quickly get ourself out of any stressful thinking and into the presence of God.


More to come. Please do watch for these confidential posts. You can actually use your journal, as Jeanne suggested in our last class, to capture debits and credits of thoughts.

One journal left  if any of you want it. $17 + $3 shipping. All others are mailed.







Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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