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Paleo w textLet’s Get Prepared

Baby steps we will take. Let’s take as many baby steps as we can before our class begins on Monday, January 26th, at 8:30 PM Central. The reason I so strongly recommend the Fabufit Paleo Eating Lifestyle is because of the closeness to eating fresh fruits and vegetables it resembles and because of the wonderful results I have personally experienced with inch loss and energy. There are many wonderful stories of health situations overcome with this way of eating. Apparently doctors are now even recommending it to their patients. You will be blessed if you jump on board and learn all that is ahead.

Begin getting your groceries. You will want fresh fruit, fresh vegetables, dark green lettuce for salads. Olive Oil and Balsalmic Vinegar for salad dressing. Two other great Salad Dressing Dressing

Begin tossing the junk. It will call your name.


You may wish to order a basic cookbook. Here is the best one I have found yet:

Order or dust off the Fabufit Paleo Recipe CardsHolidayRecipeCardsGrnStripPM

These will be so very helpful to get you organized. I will be mentioning recipes from these cards often during the course. I have just done a reprinting of these in 5×7 size with the coil. It is basically the same as the Holiday Fabufit Cards but I added Greta’s Pancakes, the new Lemon Pound Cake with Lemon Zest and honey glaze and also the new Enchiladas. I will put the three new recipes on the website:


Get basic supplies:

Organic Coconut Oil

(I find this at Sam’s or Costco’s. Do not get Refined even if it says Organic as it doesn’t work as well.)

Arrowroot Flour (Powder) –

I order this at Amazon in 5# bag to save money as I use it often to make the Easy Tortillas. I ordered Anthony’s Arrowroot Powder and would give you the link but it is temporarily unavailable 🙂

Blanched Almond Flour –

This is a treasure hunt. Recently our local Sam’s store has begun carrying the Nature’s Eats Brand that is the finely ground and delicious as well as a good price. I had gotten Honeyville at the Costco store but they no longer have it.  Prices on the internet for Honeyville are very high.

I searched and wrote to the Nature’s Eats Brand company called Texas Star Nut and Food Co., Inc. A lady there named Lexie Higgins so graciously told me how to order direct from them; if per chance I could not find it elsewhere. The one on their website is not the finely ground one and actually is not for sell; but she told me I could order direct from their internet specialist, Matthew, at 830 249 8300 ext. 307. Be sure to tell him you want the finely ground not the Almond Meal. It comes in a 3# bag. This brand is not quite as finely ground as Honeyville but it gives the Greta’s Biscuits an almost nutty taste, which is delicious. I really like this alternative.

Sea Salt

Organic Eggs

These are eggs from Cage-Free Hens

Fresh Pepper to Grind

Allow yourself to enjoy this. It makes dinners so festive.

Coconut cans (Full Fat)

This will be another treasure hunt. I was finding them at a store in Dallas area called Trader Joe’s. Now they only seem to have the Light in the Coconut Cans. It is still delicious and a very good price, but doesn’t do the whipped topping trick like the full fat one does. I choose Trader Joe’s brand because the entire can was the Cream and nothing was wasted. If you buy another brand at a Health Food Store, you will need to refrigerate it first and then scoop off the top cream. You could use the rest of the coconut water in a Protein Shake.

Unprocessed Nuts for a snack

Almond (NOT Peanut) Butter

Look for Organic and no sugar added.

Here is a post to refer to to help you:


Easy Paleo Tortillas

Go ahead and cook the Easy Tortillas x 5 as listed in the Fabufit Recipe Cards. This may be a learning process, but gets easier and easier. If you make the x5 recipe, you can freeze them and have them ready for lunches, enchiladas. I actually always make the x 10 amount as in the new Holiday and Everyday Fabufit Recipe Cards.Tortillas CuisinartPanw Text








Zucchini Bread (I make Muffins)

You will want to be prepared with some healthy snacks on hand. The Zucchini Muffins will make a very good mid morning snack with fruit and a few nuts. It is fun to remember that the muffins are made with Almond Flour and so have a good content of protein in them. Click photo for recipe.


Two of Your Easiest Meals Should Be First on Paleo List to Make

You can prepare these and freeze in airtight containers for a later meal. John and I freeze this recipe into two parts and freeze one. Sometimes I double the recipe and have more to freeze in case some of the children, grans, or niece, Shea, drops in.

Easy Meal

Easy mealpm


Marinari Chili

chili peppers

Nothing happens unless first a dream. Let’s begin Dreaming.



Dani Rotramel

Dani Rotramel

I’m Dani Rotramel. I am a Christian and for the past 44 years have loved helping others (especially women) learn simple strategies to go to the next level in their fitness and health.

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